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The Resources that inspired & Taught us

Hello, dear explorer and inquisitive guest. We cordially invite you to delve into the inner workings of our blog writing, tour curation, and city guide crafting. Our meticulously researched sources encompass a broad spectrum of mediums, ranging from literature to online resources to esteemed experts. To maintain the natural flow and readability of our content, we opted not to explicitly reference our sources within our work.

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An (almost) complete list of consulted resources


Creating a book, article, museum exhibit, or workshop requires dedication and time. At this point, we would like to express gratitude towards the resources that facilitated our deeper comprehension of the essence of Zurich and Switzerland.


Although I have endeavored to acknowledge all the materials and resources, the internet is vast and complex, and I might have overlooked some. I present them in no particular sequence.



All about Zurich 

  • Zürcher Liebesgeschichten - Ein Stadtführer der besonderen Art (Regula Sager)

  • 111 Orte für Kinder in Zürich, die man gesehen haben muss (Simone Hauslanden)

  • Zürich - Kleine Stadtgeschichte (Thomas Lau)

  • Only in Zurich (Duncan J.D Smith)

  • Zürich (Patrick Krause)

  • Geschichte der evangelisch-reformierten Kirchengemeinden zum Grossmünster Zürich

  • Zürich Spaziergange durch 500 Jahre überraschende Stadtgeschichten

  • Nüwe Zyttungen - Der Briefwechsel des Reformators Heinrich Bollinger 

  • Die Zürcher Altstadtkirchen (Yves Baer - Francois G. Baer)


All about Switzerland 

  • Why do the Swiss have such great sex? (Ashley Curtis)

  • Swisstory (Laurie Theurer & Michael Meister)

  • The Naked Swiss - A Nation Behind 10 Myths (Clare O’Dea)

  • 111 Mystische Orte in der Schweiz, die man gesehen haben muss (Monika Mansour)

  • Orte der Kraft in der Schweiz (Blanche Merz)

  • Sagen und Legenden rund um den Zürichsee (Peter Ziegler)

  • Zeit Reisen (Transhelvetica)

  • Historiscer Atlas der Schweiz (Marco Zanoli-Francois Walter)

  • So Sweet Zerland - Thel little book of big Swiss icons

  • Swiss Made (R. James Breiding)

  • L’image de la Suisse (Gianni Haver)

  • L’avventura Svizzera 

  • Discover Lucerne (

  • Storia della Svizzera (Charles Gilliard)

  • What Makes Switzerland Unique? (Richard Wildblood)

  • What makes Switzerland Democratic? (Richard Wildblood)

  • An Outline History of Switzerland (Dieter Fahrni)

  • Swiss Watching (Diccon Bewes)

  • Slow Train to Switzerland (Diccon Bewes)

  • How to be Swiss (Diccon Bewes)

  • The Expert Guide to Your Life in Switzerland (Diccon Bewes)

  • A Concise History of Switzerland (Clive H. Church and Randolph C. Head)

  • Swiss History in a Nutshell (Grégoire Nappey)

  • Switzerland - The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture (Kendall Hunter)

  • St. Gallen City Guide with Abbey District 

  • Why Switzerland? (Jonathan Steinberg)

  • Schweizer Geschichte für Dummies


Internet Resources



The Animated History of Switzerland (I love this one)


The fabulous Landesmuseum (National Museum) and its exquisite exhibitions:

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