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Updated: 02.01.2024



Unless otherwise noted, The Zurich Insider™️ is the legal copyright holder of all material and content on this website (including but not limited to the written content, audio, multimedia, visual, e-mails, documents, and graphics). You may not use the content in any way whatsoever, E.g., reprint, translate, distribute, adapt, partially modify, or publish without our written consent. 


Just don't! 

Be a decent human being and ask us! We do not bite. 

When we do grant permission, a link to must appear in all copies of any content, including articles, press releases, blogs, offers, tour descriptions, etc. (basically everything you find on this and other affiliated websites/subdomains/social media accounts/our e-mails/ etc.). 


Photography, Illustrations & Videos 


All pictures on the Instagram feed belong to The Zurich Insider™️, as most on the website. 

Additionally, we have some amazing visuals that are the creation of other artists (commercial use), institutions, and photographers. We thank them for their generous contribution to making The Zurich Insider™️ even more gorgeous. Contributions attributed when necessary.




Photography and Images







If you have any questions about our copyrighted material, do not hesitate to contact us.

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