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Expanding the company & the fun

As The Zurich Insider grows, so does the team, and we are looking to collaborate with new freelance team members and guides.   


Why Us?

Why collaborate as a freelancer with us? 

  • Your Freedom & Growth


You are encouraged to bring your true self and your passions to the table, as we believe in uniqueness and diversity. Yet, we are united in our values, goals, and desire to give our travelers and guests the Insider's experience when exploring Zurich & Beyond with us. 

You decide how many tours you want to host and how long you want to stick around. However, we can bet it will be for a while, as the company is expanding so will be your personal and professional growth opportunities. 

  • Your Greatness


You do not need to have a "perfect" CV and application, but rather a personality, which fits the Zurich's Insider excellence of service goals. As a collaboration with you, we strive to walk off the beaten path!

  • Your Passions & Interests


Do you have a special interest and extensive knowledge about a specific topic related to Zurich and/or Switzerland? Is there something you can't stop learning and sharing? Are you enthusiastic about always expanding your knowledge? Then why not get in touch with us? 

  • Your Community

Connect and get to know other guides, our international travelers and guests, our partners, our community, and help us forge a sense of belonging and common goal.

We are Not Searching for new guides at the moment 

...which should not deter   you from 
connecting with  us!

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What languages do you speak?
How comfortable are you in front of pople?
How much do you know about Zurich and Switzerlad?
Do you share our:

Thanks for connecting!

We’ll get back to you soon.

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Do you wish to partner up with a service (Hotel, restaurant, Bar, shop, Photographer, etc.)?

We would love to hear from you and set up a call to discuss our possible partnership and how we can elevate the experience of our guests and travelers together. 


We are looking forward to meeting you!


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