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Expanding the company
& the fun

The Zurich Insider wants to partner with charismatic, worldly, and outgoing freelance guides/hosts to lead cultural tours in Zurich & Beyond (Switzerland & Lichtenstein). 


Do you want to get paid to be yourself, choose how much you want to work, and engage fascinating & cultured travelers from around the world with your fantastic storytelling? With YOU on the TEAM, we wish to make 2024 the best years yet!

Why With Us?

Why collaborate as a freelancer with us? 

Your Freedom & Growth


You are encouraged to bring your true self and your passion for your craft to the table, as we believe in uniqueness and diversity. 


Yet, we are united in our values, goals, and desire to give our travelers and guests the Insider's Experience when exploring Zurich & Beyond with us. 

You decide how many tours you want to host, and although we wish to cultivate long-term relationships and grow together, we understand that sometimes life has other plans. 


You are your own master and can take full advantage of this shared professional growth opportunity. 

four jigsaw puzzle pieces in various shades of teal interlaced to symbolize collaboration with The Zurich Insider

Your Greatness


You do not need a "perfect" CV, but rather creativity, experience working with demanding guests, and a personality that fits The Zurich Insider's excellence of service goals

Your qualities are the assets that transform our client's journeys into unforgettable memories as we forge deeper human connections based on trust and integrity. 

Your Passions & Interests

Do you have a particular interest and extensive knowledge about a specific topic related to any place in Switzerland?

Is there something you can't stop learning and sharing? Are you enthusiastic about continually expanding your knowledge? 

If you answered yes, yes, and yes! Please do connect with us through the "apply now" button

Your Community

Connect and get to know other guides, our international travelers and guests, our partners, and our community, and help us develop a sense of belonging and a common goal.

Group Photo

 as a guide/Host you:

  • Prepare, familiarize, and research/tweak the tour itineraries to the guests' wishes

  • Mostly lead small private groups (sometimes groups of up to 50 pax)

  • Speak clearly, accurately, and efficiently on local cultural & historical topics and use storytelling, as well as trivia, and fun tidbits, to engage guests

  • Entertain guests with a worldly conversation, relate on a personal level, relay relevant information, answer questions (we encourage our guests to cultivate curiosity), and share personal stories as we connect with our guests on a human level (when appropriate)

  • Translating and interpreting (if necessary)

  • Help guests with post-tour procedures, ask for customer reviews, give directions, and any other help needed

  • Provide and complete a short debriefing about the tour 

Compass & Map
A badge or ribbon of honour with the cityscape of Zurich as a crown in teal color with a light grey center

Your Skills

Your Must-haves

  • Valid work permit for CH / Freelancer 

  • Essential knowledge of where you guide (and willingness to learn more)

  • Top physical condition as you provide walking tours, rain or shine, and anything in between

  • Proficiency in English. Any additional language, especially German, is a plus

  • Experienced in the service industry, hospitality, or any other position that required direct contact with customers


  • Detail-oriented, Confident, Creative, Seasoned traveler,

  • Problem solver, Outgoing with above average presentation skills,

  • Personable, Quick thinker, Compassionate and Emphatic, Patience, Master of your emotions,

  • Warm yet firm when directing people where to go,

  • Ability to think proactively and be comfortable with all kinds of guests.

Your soft skills

Apply now

Will I get training? 

Yes. Training is mutually beneficial as we strive to be the best in our roles as hosts and guides to travelers! We grow and develop professionally and personally together. 

What is the expected pay per tour?

Depends on the style of tour and hours. Details will be discussed when we agree that we are a great fit. However, expect higher than average compensation when working with us. 

When will I hear back from you? What happens next? 

You will hear back from us within ten working days (keep an eye on your inbox).

If we see you as an outstanding candidate, we will invite you for a talk to determine if we are a great fit, and we will go from there. 

When can I apply?

In what language should I submit my application?

Please submit your application in English.

Do you sponsor visas? 

No. You are a legal resident of Switzerland and have the appropriate work permit. 

Do I get a bonus with each 5-Star review?

Absolutely yes!

Does The Zurich Insider employ me?

No. We will, however, have a freelance partnership signed contract.

four jigsaw puzzle pieces in various shades of teal interlaced to symbolize collaboration and partnership with The Zurich Insider

Do you wish to partner up with a service (Hotel, restaurant, Bar, shop, Photographer, etc.)?

We would love to hear from you and set up a call to discuss our possible partnership and how we can elevate the experience of our guests and travelers together. 


We are looking forward to meeting you!

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