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Amazing Partners

All the Partners in collaboration with The Zurich Insider 

Dear cultured traveler, guest, and curious visitor, we honor our fantastic business partners, sponsors, and friends in this section of our website. 

These unique collaborations make The Zurich Insider what it is today and what we strive to become tomorrow: an ever-evolving company pursuing excellence and delight in what we offer our guests.    

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Our list of collaborations 

In alphabetical order of apperance: 

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Deniz Ozgul

Relocation Specialist 

You are about to or just moved to Zurich, and as exciting as this new chapter in your life will be, there are so many administrative tasks and practical things to resolve at the beginning.


Deniz will make your transition to your new city as smooth as possible with her relocation company.


She specializes in helping you find and apply for your new home, immigration administration, family and pets needs (new school, veterinary, health insurance, etc.), and so much more. She will accompany you every step of the way! 

Picture of a young lady with long dark hair

Julia Peters

Event Manager

You have just moved to Zurich or nearby, have settled in your new home, and now you want to mingle, socialize, and integrate into your new city.


Then Julia's group is an excellent point where to start. With flair and a vast network of partners, she organizes fun and exciting events to help you find new friends and connect with like-minded people.


You could find yourself hiking with llamas, at a dinner or wine degustation, attending a workshop on Swiss taxes, or baking cakes. The possibilities are limitless! 

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Do you wish to partner up with a service (Hotel, restaurant, Bar, shop, Photographer, etc.)?

We would love to hear from you and set up a call to discuss our possible partnership and how we can elevate the experience of our guests and travelers together. 

Connect here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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