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EXPERT Private Tours
in Zurich & Beyond

Welcome to The Zurich Insider, where your tours are lovingly curated experiences navigating through the immersive cultural landscape of Zurich & Switzerland

We're memory architects dedicated to assisting you in crafting unforgettable journeys tailored to your discerned taste for cultural immersion, from private tours in Zurich through breathtaking Swiss landscapes and charming villages and self-guided hand-picked itineraries.

Your tours with us transcend the ordinary, going beyond the manufactured tourist attractions, from hidden gems and secrets to chocolate-scented strolls through Zurich's cobblestone streets and the scenic wonders of Switzerland's countryside. 

Welcome to a world where travel isn't just a destination—it's your most memorable trip through Switzerland, where you arrive as a guest and leave as a cherished friend. 

Be Curious, Start with a Wish,
Find  Your Journey

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Original Curated Experiences

Original Zurich Tours

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Curated Experiences is a collection of tours in Zurich centered on various topics of interest that you can tweak to fit your schedule, interests, and desires.

Explore here >>


Exclusive Designed Itineraries

Imagine exploring Switzerland at your own leisure, with the freedom to discover breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems. With our assistance, a curated itinerary will guide your journey and make your Swiss dream a reality.

See an example here.>>

Exclusive Itineraries

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Discovery Layovers & Transfers

Discovery Layover & Transfers

On a layover in Zurich and want to make the most of your time in this charming city? Do you need a smooth private transfer to your hotel in any location in Switzerland? Our team is dedicated to providing hassle-free transfers from Zurich Airport and making your voyage smooth and seamless. 

Inquire here >>

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Half, Full &
Multi-Day Tours

Tours from Zurich through the wonders of Switzerland, tailored to your wishes and interests. We go Beyond! Guided Multi-Day Journeys starting from anywhere in Switzerland. 

Explore your possibilities here >>

Swiss Journeys

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True luxury lies in the small, hidden details that make your Experience unforgettable. We take pride in providing a truly exceptional tour, from the delight of discovery to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tour was carefully curated to your specific desires.

We understand that leaving room for delightful surprises is important, so we expertly blend our insider knowledge with your individual wishes to create a journey perfectly tailored to you.

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Map of Zurich


Map of Switzerland

Locally Owned and Operated

A Zurich-based female-owned company deeply rooted in local culture yet with int
ernational flair. We highly prioritize flexibility on our tours, as well as maintaining discretion.

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Global Insight, Local Heart 

Our team's eclectic passions and interests create a powerful fusion of global wisdom, Swissness, and authentic connections to local destinations. We share our stories in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese & Russian. 


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Personalized Excellence

Embark on a Swiss Tour of a lifetime, where our dynamic hosts go above and beyond to tailor each tour to your unique interests and wishes. Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend, and experience an unforgettable Swiss Adventure.

5 star tours in Zurich

Diverse Expertise, United Commitment

Our team, with backgrounds in tourism, diplomacy, management, and more, is united by a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled service and memorable Swiss Tours.

Private Guides in Switzerland and puzzle pieces fitting together

Growing Together

As a business rooted in the local Swiss community, we are committed to investing in the talent and creativity of our team and local partners. We strive to expand our offers for our guests continuously. 

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Customer Satisfaction Priority 

We take pride in exceeding your expectations. Our commitment to guest's satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of our service, ensuring your journey with us is not just any trip but a delightfully enriching experience.

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Meet the Founder, Samantha

☞ Your Local Experience Designer & Guide - Travel Companion - Friend

Dear Traveler,

Welcome to what promises to be a truly memorable holiday! I am Samantha, and I'll be your personal contact throughout your journey in Zurich & Beyond. I'm here to ensure you have an unforgettable experience from beginning to end.

With my insider knowledge, I'll curate your tours based on your preferences, interests, and wishes, ensuring that every moment is perfectly tailored to you.

So, what makes me good at what we do? Well, it's simple – I am passionate about travel, sharing my knowledge, cracking a joke or two, making new friends, and dedicated to providing exceptional service.

I'm thrilled at the opportunity to show you Zurich and Switzerland in an entertaining, knowledgeable, and unique way, and I can't wait to meet you.

Keep exploring, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Founder, Host & Friend in Zurich

Meet Founder




Your Personal Guide to Zurich & Switzerland

Our Ecstatic Travelers Tell it All

We had a phenomenal experience with Samantha. We all had arrived from a full day of meetings after a transatlantic flight, and I was slightly low energy and unsure if booking this team building experience tour had been a good idea. Enter Samantha with her incredible energy, joy, knowledge and humor. Within minutes, we were all energized and thoroughly enjoyed this unique and fun Experience. Samantha was incredibly accommodating to our needs as I changed the meeting spot on her several times and is such a good communicator. I would highly recommend spending a couple of hours with her to learn more about the beautiful town of Zurich

Ulrike K., United States

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