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Your Zurich!

Dreamt by you, crafted by us!

What you'll do

Your Zurich Experience - Major Highlights & Landmarks Included 

Experience Hosted by Samantha or a team member

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Welcome to Zurich, Switzerland! This city is a melting pot of cultural and historical experiences, where the past and present combine to offer visitors a rich medley of attractions. 


Whether you're attracted to Zurich's high finance and banks, ancient religions, or vibrant street art, there is something special here for you.


Below, find examples of our areas of expertise that reflect the city's diverse facets and interests. Get ready to uncover the city's secrets tailored to your interests.


Banks and Money 


Explore the epicenter of one of the world's leading financial centers with a visit to Bahnhofstrasse and the financial district. This iconic street is home to prestigious banks, luxury boutiques, and even a secret vault. 


During this tour, you'll learn about how money has shaped the city's identity and reputation and about the attractive Swiss banknotes.


Optional: visit the fascinating MoneyMuseum.


Religious Heritage

Zurich boasts a rich religious heritage featuring a diverse range of faiths and pivotal historical moments. As you explore the city, you can discover its significant role in the Reformation and its influence on the world's faith.


Additionally, you can delve into the intricate history of Zurich's Jewish community and learn about the impact of modern regulations on its Muslim residents


You will also visit the site of the first Anabaptist martyrs in Zurich and discover the fascinating story of the milk soup that helped end a religious war.


Optional: If you're interested in exploring more, you might want to consider visiting the spectacular Einsiedeln Abbey, a holy pilgrimage site, and its Black Madonna. We'd happily organize a half-day tour with a private car and a professional driver to make the most of your visit.


Mysticism, Folklore, and Myths


Get ready to explore Zurich's soul through the stories that envelop the city. Wander through the alleys and byways and trace the lines between the real and the mystical. This experience will take you on a mystical adventure through Zurich's rich history, where you'll discover the City's holy and energetic spots, which have fascinated people for over 5,000 years. 


You'll witness the sacred stones that have seen ancient sacrifices and explore the healing waters revered for their therapeutic properties. Join us as we delve into the legendary tales and patron saints that make up Zurich's history.


Optional: To enhance your magical journey and rejuvenate yourself, we suggest visiting the Emma Kunz Grotto in a Roman quarry in Würenlos. This site is exceptional in its energy, and we would be pleased to arrange a half-day tour with a private car. 


Are you a fan of the popular series "Crash Landing on You"? If so, this tour is perfect for you, as you will have a unique opportunity to explore Zurich and visit the locations featured in the drama. 


You can relive the romantic moments and admire the stunning scenery that served as a backdrop for the series. You can even create your own memories in these famous spots. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Optional: Why not extend your CLOY adventures and make it a day tour to the famous pier at Brienz Lake? And what about the hanging bridge in Sigriswil? 

Instagram Spots

The picturesque landscape of Zurich is a dream come true for photographers and Instagram enthusiasts alike. From the vibrant hues of street art in Zurich West to the panoramic views from Uetliberg, our tour is designed to capture the perfect shot, ensuring that your memories of Zurich are as stunning as the city itself.

Your Wishes 

Your Zurich Experience is customizable to your interests, ensuring a journey that resonates with your passions, whether you indulge in chocolate, uncover art in public spaces, or embrace the city's rich history and scenic views. 


Our recommended itinerary is just the beginning; your desires shape the adventure.

  • Tour Length: from 2 hours

  • Cost: CHF 340.00 for a 2.00h tour for up to 20 guests. Please check our rates here or inquire here for a personalized quote.

  • Cancellation Policy & GTCs

  • "No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Assurance"

  • Participants: as per request

  • Pick-Up: your accommodation, train station, airport, etc.

  • Location: Zurich Old Town, Surroundings & Beyond

  • Transportation: walking, public transportation, or car/van/bus

  • Accessibility: Please advise of any mobility issues. Zurich Old Town has small elevations, stairs, and cobbled stones to navigate.

  • Activity Level: light to moderate

  • Topic: your interests and wishes

Your Experience

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CLOY in Zurich

Why Choose Our Your Zurich Dream Tour?

 Engaging Storytelling: Dive into the heart of Zurich's history with captivating narratives that bring the past to life.
See Major highlights & landmarks, including Lindenhof, Niederdorf, Old Town, St. Peter church, Münsterhof, Fraumünster & Grossmünster

 Exclusive Insights: Discover secrets and travel through time to better understand Zurich's heritage.

 Breathtaking Views: Enjoy the best panoramic views of Zurich, perfect for capturing memories.

 An Insider's Perspective: Explore Zurich with locals sharing local tips and hidden gems not found elsewhere.


  • Language Availability: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian

  • Guest Requirements: none

  • What to bring: comfortable shoes

  • Kids: welcome!

  • Pets: FAQ

I'm looking forward to welcoming you and exploring Zurich with you.

Your Experience Host


☞ Professional, multilingual guide & friend

☞ VAT tax 

☞ A surprise or two 

☞ Delicious (mineral) water from the city fountains

☞ Detailed map of Zurich, tips & suggestions

☞ Photos & Memories for a Lifetime! 

Bonus: The Zurich Insider's Exclusive Guide to Zurich (e-booklet)

On request

  • Public Transportation Tickets

  • Vehicle (for panoramic views)

  • Food & Drinks

  • Entry Tickets (Museums, Shows, Churches, etc.)

  • Add-Ons: Cable Car, Cruise, Hike, Secret Gardens, Zurich West, etc.

Private Walking Tour in Zurich

has it !

I took the walking tour with Samantha with my family and really enjoyed it. We live in Ontario but I grew up in the Zürich area and know the city well. Wanted to show my adult kids the outer cracks of the old downtown with a slice of history attached. Samantha gave me exactly that in a fun way. Samantha is very professional, high-energy, knowledgeable and fun. I highly recommend her.

Urs B., Canada

Our Ecstatic Travelers Tell it All


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