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4 Green Oases in Zurich to Explore in May

Updated: Feb 19

Temperatures are slowly rising, and the days are getting longer; nature is waking up and showing up in its most striking colors!

It is time to fully explore some verdant oasis in and around the city of Zurich. Here are some of my favorite insider spots!

Rapperswil town of over 16'000 roses

Rapperswil, a charming medieval town on the lake of Zurich, is particularly keen on roses, well, almost borderline obsessed with its roses and gardens.

To visit Rapperswil during the full bloom of its multicolored flowers and myriad

scents should undoubtedly be on your "places to see" list this spring.

I visited a couple of times, and I was never disappointed by the fragrances and colors that assailed all my senses.

While visiting Rapperswil, make sure to climb the Lindenhof promontory to enjoy an unbelievable view of the lake and town, and perhaps visit the 13th-century castle.

Zurich's Green Spaces

Talk about a variety of succulents! So many odd shapes, so many colors, so many plants!

fun looking cactus in Zurich
A quirky cactus

Over 4'400, to be precise! Which amounts to 50% of the worldwide succulent species: Traveling the world of cacti, agaves, aloes, etc., in just a couple of fascinating hours! This is an expedition worth experiencing year-round.

However, now is an auspicious time to visit, as many plants are in full bloom!

The Succulent Collection Zurich has housed one of the largest and most important special collections of succulent plants (e.g., cacti, agaves, and aloes) since 1931. I wonder what prompted this obsession with succulents?

The Villa Patumbah

The magnificent and richly adorned colonial Villa, which houses the Swiss Heritage Center, is a sight to behold on its own.

roses and pavillion
The garden in fool bloom

Near the new botanical garden, its park is mainly overlooked, as very few people know that the expansive garden behind the Villa is open year-round to the public.

Especially now, a visit is worth the off-the-beaten-path route, as the roses are now showing off their blooms and aromas.

Furthermore, this is a real "secret" oasis of tranquility, as your company will be the occasional neighbor or people that stumbled across it by chance.

Rechberg Park

This exquisite baroque garden with its terraces is hidden away between the Kunsthaus and the Zurich University.

This park might look like a private garden to the occasional passerby, as it is located behind the very official-looking "Haus zum Rechberg" (today a city government building). However, walk to either side to find the open entrance!

The stroll up from Neumarkt to the University will reward the curious and brave with a spectacular view of Old Town Zurich and the entirety of the premises. The gardens will award its visitor with a cacophony of colors and beautiful smells!

I particularly like this garden, as it feels simultaneously unique and impressive and very homey.

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures exploring these hidden oases!


PS.: I can not leave you without a bonus free activity in Zurich!

Bonus - Free Admissions

The aviary and bird sanctuary is located directly on the shores of Lake Zurich (at Mythenquai).

Here you can marvel at the diversity of the bird world. In the Aviary Zurich, bird lovers and (hobby) ornithologists can admire native and exotic birds alike.

For now, the sanctuary is only open to the public in the afternoons from 2 pm to 4 pm. This to slowly re-introduce its winged inhabitants to the public again.

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