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Zurich's Mighty Women

& Heroines Tour 

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What you'll do


Women, Myths & HERstory Uncovered - Major Highlights & Landmarks Included 

EXPERIENCe hosted by Samantha

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Embark on an Inspirational Journey Through HerStory

Discover the untold stories of the women who have woven the fabric of Zurich's history with our unique tour designed to shine a light on the pioneering spirits whose contributions have often been overshadowed.


This memorable journey is not just a tour; it's an homage to the resilience, brilliance, and indomitable spirit of women who have left an indelible mark on Zurich.

Uncover the Hidden Gems of Women's History in Zurich's Old Town

As we meander through the quaint streets and hidden alleys of Zurich Old Town, we'll bring to life the stories of women who dared to dream big, challenge the status quo, and pave the road for future generations.


From trailblazers in science, commerce, medicine, law, and arts to unsung heroines of social movements and so many more!

Celebrate the Legacy of Zurich's Remarkable Women

Prepare to be moved by tales of extraordinary achievements and the relentless pursuit of equality and justice.


These stories highlight the struggles and victories of these women and showcase their significant contributions to the cultural and social landscape of Zurich's Zeitgeist. 

This is a lovingly crafted journey to celebrate the history of Zurich without negating the past but putting forward HerStory.

Why Our Women's History Tour is a Must-Do in Zurich

 Engaging Storytelling: Our tour guides are passionate storytellers who bring these pioneering women to life, making history, HERstory, engaging and relatable.

☞ Inclusive Experience: This tour is crafted to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, acknowledging the varied perspectives contributing to Zurich's rich tapestry.

☞ Educational and Inspiring: Beyond a mere sightseeing tour, this journey offers a deep dive into the contributions of women to Zurich's development, leaving you with a profound appreciation for their resilience and achievements.
Untold Stories: Walk amidst legends, heroines, and unimaginable power.


  • Language Availability: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian

  • Guest Requirements: none

  • Kids: Welcome 

  • Pets: FAQ


on request

☞ Professional, multilingual guide & friend

VAT tax 

☞ A surprise or two 

☞ Delicious (mineral) water from the city fountains

☞ Detailed map of Zurich & suggestions

☞ Photo & Memories for a Lifetime

☞ Bonus: The Zurich Insider's Guide to Zurich (e-booklet)

  • Public transportation tickets

  • Vehicle

  • Food & drinks

  • Entry tickets (museums, shows, churches, etc.)

Join me in looking beyond the conventional historical narratives, weaving together Zurich Women's anecdotes with the city's iconic landmarks. 

Let's walk together in the footsteps of these remarkable women, celebrating their legacy and drawing inspiration from their stories. Your journey through Zurich's HerStory awaits.

Your Experience Host

Private Walking Tour in Zurich


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I took the walking tour with Samantha with my family and really enjoyed it. We live in Ontario but I grew up in the Zürich area and know the city well. Wanted to show my adult kids the outer cracks of the old downtown with a slice of history attached. Samantha gave me exactly that in a fun way. Samantha is very professional, high-energy, knowledgeable and fun. I highly recommend her.

Urs B., Canada

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