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Image by Liviu C.
Team Outing in Zurich


Hiking Tour from Zurich: Mt. Rigi Challenge


What you'll do

 Discover Switzerland's Most Beautiful Lake – Hiking, Funicular & Boat Experience 

EXPERIENCe hosted by Samantha 

Dear intrepid traveler,

Join me for a scenic 1.15-hour train ride from Zurich that will whisk us away from the city's bustle to the tranquility of the mountains. 

Our journey will start with a gondola ride to embark on a demanding first ascent. On our journey, we will enjoy the views of the serene lakes of Zug, Lucerne, and Lauerz as they smile up at us from the valleys below.


Our hike will end in Rigi Kaltbad. From here, we have a couple of options for wrapping up our day. We will return to Zurich from Lucerne. 


Trail Overview:

  • Start: a quaint private gondola will take us up 700 meters to the sky, where the air is fresher and the views impressive.

  • Summit: This first half of your journey might test your resolve, but the reward at the summit is unparalleled—a fantastic 360° panoramic view that captures the essence of the world's beauty. 

  • Second Half: As you continue, the trail transforms, taking you across romantic hills and meadows, where the whisper of the wind and the scent of wildflowers accompany your every step. The lake route then merges into the rock path, a thrilling passage that skirts the edge of the Nagelfluhwand, offering spectacular views of Lake Lucerne stretching out into infinity. 

  • The Final Stretch: here, your adventure follows the route of the former Rigi-Scheidegg Railway, a path steeped in history, where echoes of the past meet the natural beauty of the present. 

  • Rigi Kaltbad: The hike culminates in Rigi Kaltbad. From here, we can start our return to Zurich, extend our day, and visit Rigi Kulm (cogwheel train or hike), or even enjoy a relaxing SPA stay. 

  • Return: Conclude the adventure with a steep funicular ride to Vitznau, a scenic lake cruise over the blue waters of Lucerne Lake, and a train ride back to Zurich.

  • Optional Lucerne: Linger in Lucerne a little longer and explore this charming medieval town on your own. All instructions and suggestions provided. 

  • Natural Splendors: Experience unparalleled views of the Swiss Alps, verdant meadows, grazing cows, breathtaking Lake Lucerne, and a bird' s-eye view of the heart of Switzerland.

  • Breaks: We take short breaks as needed to rest, drink, and snack. 

  • Duration and Pace: The entire tour is designed to last up to 10 hours, including train transfers to and from Zurich, funicular & gondola rides, a lake cruise, breaks, and a lunch stop. The tour's flexible nature means it can be adjusted to match your pace and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and personal experience.​​

at a glance

  • Tour Length: up to 10 hours long - including breaks/lunch/transfers

  • Hike Length: 13.5 km / 8.4mi

  • Ascent: 848 m / 2'780ft

  • Descent: 536 m / 1'760.00ft

  • Hiking time: 5 hours

  • Extensions: yes

  • Bailouts: yes

  • Cost: CHF 690.00

  • Extra Costs: CHF 75.00-120.00 per person (train, gondola, cogwheel trains)

  • Cancellation Policy & GTCs

  • "No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Assurance"

  • Participants: up to 10 guests

  • Meeting Point: Zurich Main Train Station (Zurich HB)

  • Starting time: early morning

  • Location: Mt. Rigi & Lucerne

  • Transportation: private gondola, public transportation & hiking

  • Activity Level: moderate to difficult

  • Personalized Pace: The hike is tailored to your comfort level, ensuring an enjoyable experience

Requirements &

  • Fitness Level:  Participants should assess their fitness level as at least moderate. The first section is quite uphill and the hike includes uneven forest paths and several ascents/descents.

  • Safety: Your safety is our priority but also your responsibility. Be mindful of the trail conditions and your physical limits.

  • Equipment: Wear comfortable, broken-in hiking shoes and layers suitable for changeable weather conditions. Also, bring a daypack, ID, cash/cc, and personal medication.

  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are recommended to protect against the sun.

  • Hydration & Snacks: Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the tour and your favorite snacks. Pack a lunch if you prefer to have a pick-nic. 

  • Hikers participate at their own risk and are responsible for their physical well-being.

  • The guide disclaims any liability for accidents, injuries, or damages to personal property.

  • The tour is subject to weather conditions and may be adapted or canceled for safety reasons.


  • Language Availability: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian

  • Kids: active kids welcome! 

  • Pets: FAQ

Making the most of your Tour


  • Stay close to the guide and heed safety instructions.

  • Embrace the tranquility of the environment and leave no trace behind. We carry out all our trash back to the city. 

  • Be prepared for physical activity and rest as needed.

  • Engage with your surroundings and enjoy this hike's unique views and experiences.

  • Take your camera with you, yet be mindful of the terrain.

On request

what is included

☞ Professional, multilingual guide & friend

☞ Coordinated public transport and route planning

☞ VAT tax 

☞ Photos & Memories for a Lifetime! 

☞ Bonus: The Zurich Insider's Exclusive Guide to Zurich (e-booklet)​

  • Public Transportation Tickets

  • One way with private car

  • Food & Drinks

  • Entry Tickets (Museums, Shows, Churches, etc.)

  • Cable Car, Cruise, etc.

Ready for an unparalleled hiking experience?

This hiking tour, from the ascent in the private gondola to the panoramic peaks and the historical railway path, is more than just a walk; it's an excursion into the soul of the Swiss landscape, an intimate encounter with its natural wonders and a journey that will leave you with memories that linger long after your footsteps have faded.


Ready to embark on this breathtaking journey? Sign up today with The Zurich Insider to experience the unparalleled beauty of the Lucerne Lake. 

Your Experience Host

has it !

Samantha has a lot of knowledge of both the history and culture of Switzerland; super cool and funny, and we had a spectacular time. The views and the weather super good. One of my girls had gotten sick in Milan, food poisoning, and Samantha was very understanding and flexible. We ended up doing it all. Many assertive recommendations, restaurants, places to visit, she even helped us buy the train tickets to Lucerne. The truth is that we loved meeting her.

Saul, Puerto Rico (Family)

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