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Team Outing in Zurich


Bespoke Team Outing in Zurich

What you'll do

 Team Outing in Zurich - Major Highlights & Landmarks Included 

EXPERIENCe hosted by Samantha or team member

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Transform your Corporate Team Outing into an unforgettable exploration of Zurich. 


Step out of the four walls of your office or home office, round up your colleagues, and venture into the heart of Zurich for a team outing that promises not to be just another day at the office. 


Amidst the hustle and bustle of Zurich's Old Town—where the buildings are historical, but the vibe is anything but old—you and your team will embark on an experience that masterfully blends leisure, learning, and a little bit of leg stretching.


This tour is meticulously designed to share both the famous and the "I can't believe I didn't know this" facts about Zurich, ensuring a mix of astonishment and learning for locals and newcomers alike.


Did you know Switzerland's first internet cafe opened in Zurich in a "bunker"?


Our expert guides will lead you and your team on a journey through time, where each cobblestone and corner has a story to tell. 


Corporate Highlights:

  • Dive into Zurich's history, where "archaeological past" means finding relics older than your company's copy machine.

  • Facilitate networking opportunities in an off-site location, encouraging genuine conversations and potential collaborations.

  • Explore landmarks like Lindenhof, Niederdorf, and Grossmünster, where you'll find more than just selfie spots—you'll find the city's soul (and maybe a hidden café or two).

  • Capture the team in stunning locations because everyone needs a new team picture.

  • Receive insider tips to make you feel like a Zurich connoisseur, enhancing team bonding.

  • Emphasize sustainable and eco-friendly tour practices, contributing to corporate social responsibility goals.


Possible alternatives: 

  • Add-ons include small workshops on Swiss chocolate and cheese tastings or a session on Swiss watchmaking, which provide hands-on experiences that promote team interaction and fun.

  • Include mindfulness or well-being sessions in serene settings for relaxation and team connection.


Personalized Experiences to Suit Your Team's Interests


You are welcome to share any specific interests, themes, or activities you'd like to integrate into your tour. 


Whether you're into Zurich's role in global innovation, have a thing for money that goes beyond banks, or want to quiz your team on which historical figure they'd be in medieval Zurich, we're here to make it happen.

  • Tour Length: from 2 hours

  • Cost: Please inquire here for a personalized quote.

  • Cancellation Policy & GTCs

  • "No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Assurance"

  • Participants: as per request

  • Pick-Up: your office, train station, airport, landmark, etc.

  • Location: Zurich Old Town

  • Transportation: walking

  • Accessibility: please advise of any mobility issues. Zurich Old Town has small uphills, stairs, and cobbled stones to navigate

  • Activity Level: moderate

  • Social Topic: Team-Outing, History, Culture, Mystery, Art, Major Highlights, Scenic Spots. 

Uniquely Curious

Why Choose a Zurich Walking Tour for Your Corporate Outing?

☞ Strengthen team bonds in a relaxed and stimulating environment outside the usual workplace.

 Spark creativity and new ideas by exploring Zurich's blend of historical and modern innovations.

 Enjoy a stress-free, organized outing where every detail is taken care of, from educational insights to entertainment.

 Promote well-being with a refreshing change of scenery and a day filled with memorable experiences.

 Reward your team members with experiences, not things, fostering personal growth and shared memories.


  • Language Availability: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian & Italian

  • Guest Requirements: none

  • What to bring: comfortable shoes

  • Kids: welcome!

  • Pets: FAQ


☞ Professional, multilingual guide & friend
VAT tax 
☞ Delicious (mineral) water from the city fountains
☞ Detailed map of Zurich, tips & suggestions
☞ Photos & Memories for a Lifetime! 
Bonus: The Zurich Insider's Exclusive Guide to Zurich (e-booklet)

On request

  • Public Transportation Tickets

  • Food & Drinks

  • Entry Tickets (Museums, Shows, Churches, etc.)

  • Add-Ons: Cable Car, Cruise, Hike, Secret Gardens, Zurich West, etc.

Let Zurich's charm and our expertise combine to provide your team with a day of exploration, learning, and bonding that they will talk about long after returning to the office. 

Contact us to craft your perfect team outing in Zurich, where business meets culture and history.

Your Experience Host

has it !

I took the walking tour with Samantha with my family and really enjoyed it. We live in Ontario but I grew up in the Zürich area and know the city well. Wanted to show my adult kids the outer cracks of the old downtown with a slice of history attached. Samantha gave me exactly that in a fun way. Samantha is very professional, high-energy, knowledgeable and fun. I highly recommend her.

Urs B., Canada

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